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Aluminium/alloy Corrosion.

  • 25 May 2022 3:51 PM
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    What recommendations are there to remove light powdery corrosion on aluminium/alloy engine parts. Read some strange stories by the people on the internet (everything from lemon juice to oven cleaner) but I would like to hear from club members with any proven simple technique or product. Thxs Warren.

  • 26 May 2022 1:29 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Suggest you visit your local marine shop Warren. There are a number of products around for cleaning oxidised aluminum. BLA Aluminium Cleaner is one I have used on my boat that works well. A weak acid is safe but most purpose aluminium cleaners (including wheel cleaners) will have something that decomposes into hydrofluoric acid - not nice stuff in concentrated form (which it won't particularly be in retail products) but very effective. Suggest you stay away from anything caustic based (like oven cleaner) . Caustic (sodium hydroxide)  dissolves aluminium turning it back into good old bauxite, from whence it came ! Use enough and you will end up with a pitted surface. Good old fashioned metal polish and  a buff work best if you want it really shiny and can get the access. Biggest problem is that after all your hard work, raw aluminium is a reactive metal so will tarnish again quite quickly. 

  • 17 Jun 2022 9:18 AM
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    Took your advice Andrew and worked out pretty nice. I found that a cautious approach with with a fair amount of dilution didn't really get me anywhere. A stongish solution got me where I wanted to be. A flat surface with a light hazing of corrosion was fairly easy to work on but heavier corrosion on, for example, a finned head was a challenge. Got there in the end. Thxs again. Warren.  

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