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Concessional Vehicle Licencing - DoT Code 404

In Western Australia, the concessional registration of eligible Historic Vehicles is subject to arrangements negotiated between the Department of Transport and the Council of Motoring Clubs of WA. As an eligible member of the CMC, the VCC is able to make concessional registration Code 404 available to its members.

Over the past few years number of changes have taken place to Code 404 which are the regulations by which the concessional licence for unmodified vehicles over 25 years old is based, the latest changes came into force from December 19, 2016.

Note that concessional licence code C4C ( for modified vehicles ) is not yet available for members of the club.

Below are links to updated information and the updated Code 404 Handbook.

Some Helpful Information For Concessional Licencing
Provided by David Reid, VCC WA Club Vehicle Registrar

Code 404 Handbook
This Code 404 Handbook is provided with the compliments of the Council of Motoring Clubs of WA Inc.

CMC Code 404 Page and Handbook

Dept of Transport – Frequently Asked Questions
Concessions Information supplied by the Dept of Transport

DOT Concessions Information

E81 Concession Application Form
You will require this form if you want to change your current licensed vehicle to a concessional licence.
Currently licensed vehicles within WA are NOT required to undergo an inspection prior to applying for the 404 concession. The owner simply takes the current licence papers, a copy of their club financial letter and completed form E81 to any Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) Centre. The counter staff can witness the signature on the E81.

E81 Form

Certification of Financial Membership
This has to be completed by an Authorised Person of the VCC. Normally, this will be thhe Vehicle Registrar. The Club is unable to provide this endorsement unless there is evidence that the applicant has a set of "Historic" license plates available to be fitted to the vehicle. These plates are available for purchase from the parts shed. 

CMC1 Form

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