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Concessional Vehicle Licencing - DoT Code C4C

In Western Australia, the Department of Transport (DoT) has made available a system of Concessional Registration for modified and classic motor vehicles titled "Concessions for Classics"  - C4C. The VCCCWA has determined that , as an Authorised Motoring Club, it will make Concession Code C4C  available to our membership.

Consistent with the objectives of the Club, the VCCCWA has developed a policy dealing with our management of the Code within the Club and importantly, the extent of vehicle modifications acceptable to the Club. 

  • Club Policy C4C  - Read this first
    Members considering making application to place a vehicle on Code C4C registration onto the Clubs register of vehicles are requested to read the Clubs policy first before applying.

  • Club C4C Application Form
    If you wish to proceed with your application, please download and complete the form available in the link above. Detailed instructions are provided to guide you through the procedure. All submissions should be made by email as the information submitted will be retained in the Club's records. 

  • DoT C4C Concession Application Form - Form E116
    You will require this form to formally make application to the DoT to place your vehicle onto Concession Code C4C. The VCCCWA Vehicle Scrutineer will sign this form as an Authorised Officer of the Club once they have determined that your vehicle is in accordance with the Club's policy and the required documentation provided and you have added the vehicle to your membership profile on the Club web site. 

  • DoT compliant Restricted Use stickers and plates and Club approved Log Books
    are all available on the Clubs web site in the Members Only, Merchandise area

Some Helpful Information You Will Require to Complete the Process

  • DoT Code of Conduct - Code C4C
    The DoT has a set of rules surrounding eligibility for Code C4C concessional licensing and the subsequent use of your vehicle and the necessary records keeping. Members are encouraged to read the Code and confirm you are willing and able to comply wit hits requirements including log book keeping.  

  • Dept of Transport C4C – Frequently Asked Questions
    The DoT has prepared these answers to its most frequently asked questions pertaining to the scheme. 

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