Veteran & Classic Car Club of W.A.

Membership Renewal Instructions

Towards the end of your membership period, (31 July each year), you will receive the “VCC of WA Membership Invoice” email
from the Veteran Car Club of WA saying that your membership fees are due, so keep an eye on your email inbox, (you may also need to check in your Junk or Trash Folder – they can end up there).

You will also get notification in the club's Early Auto magazine that fees are due.

To renew your membership -

Step 1 Open the “VCC of WA Membership Invoice” email and click on the
blue view and pay invoice online right at the bottom of the invoice.

Step 2 Choose the payment method – credit card, EFT or cheque

Here are some instructions on how to renew your membership

If you do not have an email address, then you will receive notification in the post that your fees are due.

Early Payment

Whilst the membership renewal invoices will be generated and sent on 1 July, if you wish to pay early you may now do so, using a Credit Card and Stripe, on line, by following these instructions.

Instructions to Change EA Selection or Pay Early

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