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JUST NOT ENOUGH TRACTION " Carroll Shelby 1923 - 2012

Rousing and passionate words from the man himself and fitting ones to quote for this section is all about the passion and quickening of the pulse our members experience for their Ford Mustangs, Boss Mustangs & Shelby Mustangs.

The Mustang has always been and will forever be in anyone's life time a truly great great car, arguably the greatest of all mass production cars and it holds a special place in almost every motor enthusiasts heart and sole and boy don't they drive real good.

In the Mustang Shelby section we just love em all, whether your car is a full on matching numbers rare than rare Big Block Boss, 65 GT350 Shelby or a C code production run coupe, convertible or fastback. Whether its concourse, rough as guts, in the rebuild stage or a running breathing work in progress or a multi dimensional art form (remember you cant drive a painting) and we don't care if you live in Perth, Albany, Kalgoorlie or Kununurra because if your into these cars you have come to the right place and you will feel very much at home with us.

What is the section about and what does it do?

The section has developed and grown through the involvement of like minded people who want to stay as close to enjoying their Mustangs as possible without unnecessary distractions getting in the way. Everything we do keeps us connected with our cars, therefore we don't hold meetings other than two these being our Annual General Meeting which we encourage members to attend and our Mustang Concessional Licence Inspection Day for members. We don't run meetings because we prefer to use our time driving and enjoying the cars and to be in the company of like minded Mustang owners, on average we undertake two events a month which generally take the form of Breakfast Runs, Night Runs, Car Shows, Museums, Barbecues and Overnight Runs on Weekends we also receive invitations from other clubs to join in their activities.

We also encourage involvement from wives and partners and appreciate their suggests of what they like to do involving the car. Hence the Breakfast and Night Runs are well received by couples, as are some of the overnight runs . There are enough events in our section for people to pick and choose which suits and fits them best, for example our Night Runs take place generally on a Tuesday and the Breakfast Runs happen on a Sunday morning, any overnight runs start off on a Saturday morning.

Don't put it off any longer get in that Mustang now, lets start a stampede for the border in search of adventures. 

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SecretarySally Bell9364 2474

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